Olivia DeCaigny is an illustrator living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a BFA in Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design. 

Their art, inspired by pop-surrealists and gristly fairy tales, is colorfully sweet, and occasionally eerie. They enjoy drawing children so that the cute innocence of the kids contrast with the creepy undertones of their art. Though they began drawing in middle school with primarily graphite, they've explored many mediums such as gouache, colored pencils, oil paint, and watercolors, but they've recently been working using Procreate and Adobe Photoshop. 

Olivia has been featured in multiple galleries at their school including Illest of Illustration (2021), the MadeBy Gallery Show (2020), and Best of Ringling (2019, 2020, & 2022) in which they were awarded the "Most Outstanding Junior Award." They recently were accepted into the Society of Illustrators Student Showcase.

Olivia aspires to have a job working with children's books, book covers, toy design, apparel, television shows, mobile games, or anything that allows them to make cute or creepy stuff.